Sirokko Portrait

Posted Jun 5, 2021, 11:06:15 PM UTC

Character Name: Sirokko Dark

Character Age: 91 (21 mortal life + 70 as a vampire)

Character Species: anthro siamese cat/vampire

Hair color: white

Eye color: blue

Brief biography: Sirokko comes from a family of alchemists who were seeking the secret of eternal life. After his father died of disease, Sirokko swore that he will be the one who will finally find a way to live forever. 
Once he was returning home from a library late at night, when he was attacked by a vampire. The boy was lucky a local group of vampire hunters was nearby to save him. After that Sirokko decided to join the hunters. He thought, if he could get a sample of a vampire blood, it will greatly help his research.
 Using his knowledge of alchemy he managed to clear the poisonous mist that was surrounding a hideout of a very old and powerful vampire, so the hunters could get in. By the time their group has survived all traps and found the place where the vampire was sleeping, it was already dusk. The hunters wanted to destroy the vampire, but Sirokko stopped them, 'cause he still needed that blood sample. While they were arguing, the vampire woke up. The hunters fought him, but he killed them all one by one, except Sirokko. And then he made the boy an offer he could not refuse. 
You see, it was the same vampire who attacked Sirokko that night when he was returning from the library. He didn't want to kill him, but to make him his companion. That way they would both get what they wanted - the vampire wouldn't have to be alone anymore and Sirokko could live forever! Of course Sirokko agreed to that! Besides, he didn't have much choice anyway.

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