Posted Jun 10, 2021, 11:51:25 AM UTC

Character Name: Ivana

Character Age: appears to be in her twenties

Character Species: Crow Demon

Hair color: dark green

Eye color: red

Ivana was born to a coven of crows in dark forest, filled with more dead trees than alive ones. Her kind prefers to live secluded and sees themselves as silent watchers of the world, only ever reaching out to strangers when it seems beneficial to the coven. From a young age they are trained how to move outside others attention and defend themselves if necessary. Once they approach maturity they are send out to a journey of self discovery in hopes they return as wise, worthy members that bring benefit to the coven, whether that be in wisdom, skill or material things.

Ivana has left for her journey a couple of years ago, excited by the new colorful world and its people she has no plan of returning any time soon...if at all.

The Crow has always been a bit more lively than her brothers and sisters, being a passive outsider doesn't sound too fulfilling to her.

She loves discovering new places and the thrill of a good fight! She is a fast, skilled swordfighter that rarely uses her magic.

The Crow loves to tease people and not taking herself serious. One thing that connects her to the rest of her kind though is her tendency to stay mysterious. You won't catch her bare faced.

Also please don't cry infront of her, she can't deal with that.

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