Emotions always find a way (Latent Element)

Posted Jun 13, 2021, 4:50:59 AM UTC

Austin's element is earth, however, his specific area is, unknown. He calls it "The Dark Earth". He draws matter from around him, allowing him to create structures out of "Dark Earth" whilst making the object he drew it from less dense. this is why Glitch is also his friend. her ability to convert energy to matter allows Austin to have essentially infinite power, seeing as how Glitch is a self-sustaining energy source in and of herself.

"The argument was heating, Glitch and Gause were beginning to yell louder and Austin was beginning to crack. His fragile mind was unable to handle the reality of his father and best friend having a battle over him. As Gause yelled a very rude word at Glitch, Austin threw his arms out, "ENOUGH!" Black spikes of something exploded out of the ground, destroying the foundation and floor of the house, dark purple veins of glowing something cracked open in the spikes, And Austin fell to the floor, unconscious."

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  • Austin's's Memory Crystal(Talisman)
  • transportal trajectory
  • It goes to his head
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