Water Bottle Falls (+GAME!)

Posted Jul 3, 2021, 7:16:46 PM UTC

Never, ever thought I'd finish this... The pic on the left is an old one from around 2015, which became the inspiration for this game and thumbnail image.

Here's the link to the demo and full versions. If you're interested, please consider donating. Even a small amount would be very helpful!


Yes, this really is a game about guiding a hot water bottle down a waterfall, discovering secrets and winning trophies... because there still aren't enough games about hot water bottles.

This was a work in progress for about half a year. I can't describe how much (metaphorical) sweat and tears this cost me, though it certainly doesn't look it. There's still a couple of glitches (let me know if you find any!) but for now I'm just glad I was able to finish it. It's also the first game I've made that takes longer than five minutes to play. Comments and feedback are always welcome! :)

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