Puppy kisses

Posted Jul 11, 2021, 12:27:09 AM UTC

In our vampire the masquarade game, Jun protected his child, Gabriel from punishment for speaking out against the Prince during Elysium, and had his hand cut off as a consequence. Vaughan was upset by the situation, and gave Jun his jacket, and asked his Ghoul, Ollie to take care of Jun. Jun seems really happy to have Ollie's company, so I thought I'd draw a picture of Jun getting puppy kisses from Ollie ^^

Ollie is a Siberian husky, and Jun's face claim is Lee Dong Wook. Art done in Procreate

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  • Jul 13, 2021, 12:59:43 AM UTC
    it's looks soo good and fun!

    have never played vampire the masquerade, it's a table-top rpg, right?
    have read it and it looks soo interesting!!
    • Jul 14, 2021, 2:59:38 AM UTC
      Thank you!

      Yes- it's a table top game Smile I think it came out before any of the computer games or tv show. It's a pretty dark universe, and I'm playing a vampire who is struggling a lot with having a kind heart, and the selfish nature he now has to embrace. How he was taken at the peak of his skateboarding career, and that he can only get at most 10 more years out of his career before he'll need to go into hiding. He'll atleast have his dog, Ollie Smile In the session tonight I'll be able to make him a full ghoul, and he'll become immortal ^^ He's found some nice vampires- Jun in this picture being one of them. And Vaughan is going to become a Batman type of character, saving the animals of New York XD It's going to be fun ^^
      • Jul 16, 2021, 1:03:42 AM UTC
        wish I could play that game
        sadly no one here plays it

        it sounds like a really cool story
        Corky Smile
        • Jul 16, 2021, 2:17:36 AM UTC
          There are on line role playing games. I play with a member that is in Portugal, and is about 12 hours difference from my country. We play on a site RollD20. You might be able to join a game there Smile

          So far it's very sandbox. The GM has given us characters, and we're being given a few things to play with, but for now it's pretty open ended. Like, we all have had a mini drama to deal with- Dorian found a missing human that was kidnapped for food for the Elysium, Gabriel has a Malkavian vampire hunting in the same block / building as his human tether and made an enemy out of her, and Vaughan found out that his sire didnt' get permission from his clan to sire him, so he has to prove that he's of value to the clan, or she'll perma-kill him. Vaughan is pretty sure he can handle it, but it's a little mini drama the others didn't get. We also need to help a Ventrue called Ishaan for his mission in New York. That's going to be interesting- he's Vaughan's sponsor... or he was when Vaughan was a human. Vaughan needs to figure out how he's going to keep his career going- so far he recruited his sire to be a "competition" to him with his new night time skateboarding brand. His sire when he's fully trained will be as good as my character- it's gonna be AMAZING XD There's some romances too- my character is interested in Jun (in this picture), and a little in Ishaan (the sponsor)... the other ships are very luke warm though xD So... there's a lot going on Smile Gabriel just adopted a cat, and Dorian is investigating a bunch of spooky stuff Big Smile We're having a lot of fun ^^
  • Jul 11, 2021, 3:36:18 PM UTC
    The detail, lighting and subject matter are well thought out and I LOVE IT!
    • Jul 14, 2021, 2:53:19 AM UTC
      Thank you TuT It took so long to get the background to a point where I was OK with it. The location is a real location in New York, and researching the lay out and trying to figure it out from an angle no one posts photos of was a nightmare XD HAHAHAH I'm getting happy with how I draw dogs now atleast TuT No more horse looking dogs Wink Heheh.



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