Posted Jul 13, 2021, 4:36:59 AM UTC

character name: samuel "sam" davis

character age: somewhere around 18, it changes every time you ask him

character species: human

hair color: dyed red, naturally black

eye color: blue

sam was raised by his dad from birth to age 12 right by jersey shore. sam was a quiet kid, never really connecting with the kids in town, so his dad inevitably ended up homeschooling him. due to unfortunate circumstances, sam had to move in with his mom all the way in kane, pennsylvania. his mom was incredibly controlling and never let him leave their dingy apartment. with that, on top of his mom's alcoholism, sam lived a very sad existence inside that two bedroom apartment he shared with his mom. he ended up running away, going to live on his own. to be honest, i'm still working on his story

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