Wraith's Lament Wk4

Posted Aug 14, 2021, 12:48:47 AM UTC

You finally arrive at the docks. Plunged in a chaotic mayhem, you can barely recognise the place. Guards are doing their best to hold two other corrupted stryx, while a rhakos pillages stocks of supplies, doing as much damage as he can. Bearing two large ram-like horns, he has no trouble trashing the place. Your biggest fear is brought to life as it is clear now that Sol has been breached. 

This is bad! As the storm gains even more power, you need to take care of the situation quickly before it truly gets out of hand! Is your stryx engaging the rhakos in combat, or do they instead try to distract him before he causes too much damage? Unless they decide to take a whole other approach to stop the monstrous stryx?

Yemaya 2586 and Wulf 1431 encounter Jenny 12916 a second time as they descend on the docks to help bring things under control; Wulf makes use of his opposable thumbs to slap a bucket over the rhakos's head and hold it in place so the beast can't see to target anyone or anything in hopes of buying time.

Ticket Count: Base (Fullbody, Color, BG) + Shading + Biorhythm + Other Stryx + Other ARPG = 5 Tickets


AP Count [Jenny 12916]

Fullbody: 5

Color: 4

Shading: 4

BG: 5

Extra Stryx: 3

Other ARPG: 3

Event: 4

Total: 28AP

[Yemaya 2586]

Biorhythm: +3

Personal Art: +3

Total: 34AP

MP Count [Wulf 1431]

Fullbody: 2

Color: 3

Shading: 2

BG: 3

Biorhythm: 1

Other ARPG (1): 2

Personal Art: 2

Total: 15MP

Jenny belongs to Pixel-Coyote / PixelCoyote PixelCoyote

Yemaya and Wulf belong to me

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