Wraith's Lament Wk5

Posted Aug 21, 2021, 12:38:13 AM UTC

The rhakos’ trap worked, and your team has now been separated. You need to find Kali and the missing soldiers and rescue them before the currents bring them to their doom, or even worse... to the rhakos.

Depict your stryx searching the Under Sol for the general before it's too late!

After that run-in with Eidola, Yemaya 2586Haunt 174 and Char 12448 search the under-Sol for Kali and the missing soldiers, and Haunt finds a strange red glow down one of the tunnels...

Ticket Count: Base (Fullbody, Color, BG) + Shading + Biorhythm + Other Stryx + Other ARPG = 5 Tickets


AP Count [Char 12448]

Fullbody: 5

Color: 4

Shading: 4

BG: 5

Biorhythm: 3

Extra Stryx: 3

Other ARPG: 3

Event: 4

Total: 31AP

[Yemaya 2586]

Personal Art: +3

Total: 34AP

EP Count [Haunt 174]

Fullbody: 2

Color: 3

Shading: 2

BG: 3

Other ARPG (2): 2

Personal Art: 2

Total: 14EP

Char belongs to SilveryStormWing / SilveryStormWing SilveryStormWing

Yemaya and Haunt belong to me

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