Harp Talisman

Posted Aug 22, 2021, 5:58:20 PM UTC

This is Haldor's talisman. It's his harp that he always carries around with him. The instrument is important to him as it was a gift from his mother. She taught him how to play it and the two played their harps together often. Thanks to his magical training, Haldor is able to enhance his harp by using it to summon portals. The triangles on the side carry magic to portals he's been too before; and by strumming the right chords, Haldor is able to visit the different worlds again at will.

Though, despite it being a tool of magic, Haldor simply enjoys playing the instrument. He'll relax underneath the shade of a tree, strumming out a tune while his stryx listen along beside him.

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