Enter the AUROVERSE!

Posted Sep 6, 2021, 8:19:28 PM UTC

Auroverse is a fairly new roleplaying group, but by no means a new concept. Originating in the (not-so) distant past of 2011, what started as a playable series within a game eventually blossomed into something more as new lore, realms, and characters were slowly introduced over the course of several years. We're a small, tightly-knit community with an excitable and kind userbase, and we'd love to have you as our friend!

Not convinced, yet? Here's what we can offer you!

  • Quality writing! All we require from you is a one-time sample post to gain entry. Show us what'chu got!
  • An OC-friendly environment! Your multidimensional cybernetic werewolf is totally allowed. We love the weird and fantastical!
  • Three awesome realms! Like high fantasy? What about supernatural? Maybe science fiction? That's great! We have all three, and you can cross over whenever you please!
  • Keeping things simple! From simple rules to simple lore, you don't have to memorize much, if at all! Worried about playing NPCs? Don't be! After all, no one vampire or dragon is always the same!
  • Easy, laid-back activity! Life is busy, and because of that, we don't require activity checks. Feel free to lurk when the going gets rough!
  • Lax character creation! While super detailed character sheets are amazing to look at, we don't always have time to make one. Just give us the bare basics and honor the code!
  • Movie and game nights! We like to watch and play things with each other, including (but not limited to) Disney, Marvel, DC, ARK: Survival Evolved, Minecraft, Among Us, and Witch It!
  • Sales and giveaways! Wanna participate in the above? Awesome! Every now and then, I'll host giveaways or recommend a game when it goes on sale!


Have a burning question? Reach out to my Discord handle!



We also have a Discord Sever! Come and meet the group.



Are you ready? Let's party!


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