Posted Oct 17, 2021, 7:35:38 AM UTC

The task of dragging the unconscious raptor was no easy one, especially with his broken wing. Windshear's keen ears could hear the bones grind against each other in unnatural ways. Every movement sent piercing pain. They were survivors of a ferocious battle, with only the dead as company in the howling blizzard. Whoever else still alive had fled long ago, likely thinking the two must have been dead as well. When Windshear reached far enough within the cave so that the storm's winds no longer bit through his feathers, he stumbled back as his legs refused to stand any longer. He was certain the other stryx belonged to the enemy and he could kill the tyto if given the chance, but with his wing maimed there would be no leaving the mountain alive. Rather than doom both of them to death, he took a chance. They might just survive if a truce could be reached. If not, Windshear would not shy from preserving his own life if it came to taking another.

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