Posted Oct 18, 2021, 8:03:13 PM UTC

With Harbinger now uploaded, I figured it'd be the time to post this as well.

Harbinger's beliefs cause him to bleach his head feathers, but the way he went about it wasn't exactly optimal. He asked for a concentrated curse from a supposed witch/prophet he knew of, but her magic wasn't exactly awakened properly at the time. It was unpredictable, volatile, and sometimes dangerous. She didn't tell him that though, so when she set the curse on him, with the intention of it being able to spread to the feathers only on his head and neck, it seemed to work at first, bleaching the feathers blueish white. Over time however, it seemed to seep further and further past it's constrained range. He tried to deny it, hoping it wasn't true, but things became worse and worse. His internal functions began to malfunction, making it hard to do day to day things. He sought out the one he obtained the curse from, but was unable to find any reliable information on her whereabouts now. Eventually, he came out of his life of solitude to seek help in lifting the curse, but no one wanted anything to do with a cursed stryx.

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