Posted Oct 20, 2021, 12:20:58 PM UTC

"I still fall for you like suns do for skies,

Cerulean pouring in from your eyes.

Just a hollow moon that you colorize,

So powerful, I feel so small, but so alive,

Like watching the Earthrise."

Earthrise - Starset

Once again felt the need to illustrate something for these two with Starset's music.

When Neo sees Jade in her visions and dreams, she is almost always chasing after her, trying to reach her. She never succeeds. She longs to see her again, and these fleeting moments between waking and sleeping make her feel so invigorated in the moment, with the intent to finally get an answer to all her questions. She never does.

Neo feels like it's her fault for Jade's death, but isn't wanting to admit it to herself. She eventually gets angry at Jade, for leaving her behind. She lashes out at these visions of her that she sees, but never gets a response, a reason for all this agony. Eventually, after this, Neo stops having these dreams and visions of Jade. Somehow that makes things worse. Neo goes into a severe state of depression, worse than she's ever had before, and attempts to take her own life by taking the fastest route up to the top of her apartment building, with a plan to leap off the top. Something stops her halfway, something she can't explain. It's nothing real or physical stopping her, just something in her mind, her consciousness, tells her to get a hold of herself, that it's not her fault Jade's gone, and that it's not the end for Neo yet.

After this, she gets an idea, an incredibly outlandish one at that. An idea to bring Jade back to the physical world, no matter how hard that may be.

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