Courage - The Courtship

Posted Oct 30, 2021, 8:06:26 PM UTC


  •  Your Aqrion is now ready for a family of his own. It takes great amount of courage to try to woo a mate.​ They will now partake in elaborate dances and songs to woo another Aqrion. They often will adorn themselves with varying seaweeds, shells or crafted materials. On rare occasions they will use their elements or create musical instruments to use as well.  

(A guide dragon is not required here, but may be present if an odd number of dragons are doing the trials together.)

- Depict your Aqrion wooing another Aqrion. - 

Samoa enjoys a good job done and watches on as Peregrine and Kestrel flirt.

Samoa (c) me

Peregrine, Kestrel (c) @Eyemittens

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