Color Comp - Atmospheric

Posted May 9, 2004, 1:15:59 AM
Acrylic - shown on a 6in. by 6in. board

For John's Art 113A class we had to do 16 color comps of our rendering (search for "Backfire" to see the black and white rendering). He gave us a list of instructions. There was a certain way we had to do them. I included the details of the comps to show just how loose my brushstrokes were. It's fun to see how loose it is.

Ok so this is the Atmospheric Perspective comp. This is the one I chose for my final rendering which will be painted in acrylic on a 10in. by 10in. board. I will still probably work on my comp before starting the final rendering. The final rendering is the last painting assignment of the semester >.< I can't wait! This one will be hard though since I have to manipulate so many values.

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