Gumshi Region Map

Posted Nov 12, 2021, 12:55:42 AM UTC

So excited to have this done! It technically isn't because I make thing overly complicated and am still adding to the map's seasonal information, but those aren't going up here haha! This is where Kamon lives, at the northern end of a shallow valley. I've been wanting to map the area out for a while, but a few things halted me. Firstly, most fantasy maps lack topographical information, and until I learned more about this type map (Thanks BotW!) I was floundering. The elevation of things is important because his village is full of semi-aquatic dragons- they don't just utilize the surface of the lake, they can move through its depths too. And depth changes on the season, of which they have five! But for a general feel for the area, a springtime view works well.

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