Daimion the Tinkerer

Posted Jan 5, 2022, 10:15:13 AM UTC

Character Name: Daimion (Daidai) Wellfarer

Character Age: 23

Character Species: Elf

Hair color: Oceanblue (dyed)

Eye color: Orange

Skin Color: Dark Caramel

Daimion, or short Daidai, lives by himself in the workshop of his dad. His dad is a woodworker and self-made handyman, but Daidai prefers to chase his dream to become an engineer and inventor. He can barely make a living out of it for now, but he loves his work just too much to not keep chasing his dreams. He's not poor, but no-one would call him and his day rich people. Since he's been with his father for a long time now, he decided to go on a journey to try and live for himself for a while now. He needs to know if his dream can become true or if he must find another way to make money for a living.

After all he's a friendly and helpful person and can for sure find a suitable quest or job in the next town or village.

His motto is: "You have to look out for your own joy, because joy has no eyes to find you." - HAH!

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