Miriam-chan & Friends (front cover)

Posted Jan 7, 2022, 4:17:20 AM UTC

Here goes the cover for the second volume of a currently ongoing series on here, titled Miriam-chan's Delight II.

Admittedly, I had much fun drawing up the cover since I told myself I was going to do a cover featuring Miriam and her friends (Mamoru sort of counts as one... *laughs*), and it's definitely not going to be last time I do a cover with them since all of them are stars of the series.

Now for the outfits, which I think was definitely one of the fun parts of doing the cover.

Miriam - I was inspired greatly by one outfit that Usagi worn in one episode of Sailor Moon S.

Yuriko - I wanted to do another purple outfit for her, so that's why I went with doing the purple dress with a dark purple star on it, to give the dress a bit more character.

Mamoru - Originally I was going to do a polo for him, but then I was like I could see him in a sweater that's a bit on the retro side, so that's why I gave him that sweater. (it looks soooo good! xD)

Kotono - I was inspired greatly by illustrations of older shoujo manga, that's why she has the outfit which I'll nickname the retro shoujo outfit

Nozomu - Just like with Kotono; I was inspired greatly by illustrations of older shoujo manga, which is why he has the kind of outfit that I feel gives a retro vibe (in a good way. xD)

And on that note, well I had much fun with the drawing and actually is the first time I did a drawing featuring more than 2 people.

Seriously! xD

It was fun to do, though. :)

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  • Jan 7, 2022, 7:41:47 AM UTC
    Excellent job, Lil Sis!! 🤩💕 I was hoping the Black Star on Yuri-kun's (my) outfit was a nod to David Bowie, hehehe!! 👨🏼‍🎤 Everyone looks great, and I can tell everyone apart, which is a very good thing in the art department when telling stories. 😁
    • Jan 7, 2022, 9:36:51 AM UTC
      Hahahaha...I had a feeling you were going to say that xD

      But no, unfortunately I didn't go for that regarding Yuriko's outfit.

      That's good to know that you can tell everyone apart. Smile

      And definitely, that is so true indeed.




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