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Posted Jan 12, 2022, 8:49:30 PM UTC

Icarus - enhanced wyfex - 29 years - he/him

eyeless (green-turquoise screen interface) - maneless

- - - - -

   Being one of the experimental specimens of his species, Icarus grew in an orphanage. Such places, however, never housed many of his own kind, as wyfexes usually do not grow into their final forms like fully biological creatures do. While he was lucky to find another young wyfex to play and spend time with, that lad was the only other wyfex in the institute's care. As Koios habitually ran off to play with his kukuri, Icarus spent his time to obtrude into the games of the other children. He didn't understand why they didn't like him. He did everything he could to please them, even resulting to thieving and other things that got him into trouble more times than he was able to count. They used his eagerness to please, but never accepted him - if he refused, they would either abandon him or beat him up. He was called "faceless" amongst other hurtful things - but his need for acceptance never diminished, nor did he quit trying.

   Despite its open arms for children of every shape, size, form, and origin, the orphanage was a target for ruthless, continuous attacks. The City of Calm was notorious for its advertised openness, but zero tolerance for nonhumans in practice. It was a secret to the public, how much capital was needed to uphold all measures to keep the orphanage building secure - for them, it seemed like they tried to keep the poor children in, no matter the cost. Sadly, despite the tireless efforts to keep the place a safe haven for nonhuman children, a group of ill willed rogues got through. In the cover of the night, they organized an all out assault, killing as many of the staff and children as they could - not even differentiating humans from the "freaks" in the darkness. Some they took as hostage, to torture and have fun with later - they had no intention of letting anyone they captured live.

   While Icarus was rescued from his captors eventually, he suffered permanent damage to his body and mind. Most notable of these was his worsened eyesight, which was the result of his now scratched and cracked face screen. While replacing it was possible, the procedure's cost and difficulty effectively denied the treatment that was needed from the young wyfex. Having no place to go now, as the orphanage was unusable, decommissioned under a petition, and finally demolished, Icarus found himself on the streets.

   On the outskirts of the city, close to the Slumme, the young wyfex found an old, blind man. His face was riddled with scars, every one of them larger and more gruesome than the one before it. Icarus, being as naive as they come, could not understand the man's bitterness towards the people of the city. The wyfex stayed with the man, growing older as the days went by, the only strange thing for the veteran about the boy that he did not seem to eat. Then, the man said something Icarus carries with him to this day.

   "Show them a face they can mirror", his raspy voice scratched in the wyfex's ears. "Only then you may find acceptance."

   Taking it literally, Icarus constructed himself a mask - a mask that made it possible for him to show emotions though its eyeholes. Training his already damaged face screen to focus on those points only, he was able to portray multiple human-like emotions through them.

But it did not make him a human. Trying once again to find acceptance from the people of the city, he was beaten up, and his vision made another notch worse. Infuriated, he returned to the man, and in a fit of fury, killed him. Minutes felt like years as time passed, and the wyfex started to realize what he had done. There was a way to fix this, right?

"No", a voice replied.

   [̵̱̮́͠ ̶͔̮̾̈́R̴̘͖̚Ề̷͕D̷̗̋̔A̶̪͇͋C̵̺̍T̵̝̥͊̋Ȩ̷͖̃͠D̵̹̐͝ ̴̼̹̉]̵̳̠̔̊[

   For the first time in his life, Icarus despised the people around him. He had wanted to rise, and show thugs like the ones who attacked the orphanage, that behavior like that wasn't acceptable - but that was a childish dream. They were all like that. They would never accept him. His fingertips tingled as his urge to get rid of every single human that opposed him only strengthened. He wouldn't be able to break them all - but he sure as hell would try.

   Now, on top of the universal warrant, Icarus is on the run from a mercenary of his own kind - Arcus. Even though the hotheaded chain gunner has made it very clear that she will not go after this particular target, she is almost habitually seen tracking him. Unfortunately for her, the payout for Icarus' capture is too high for her to miss - but that payout comes with exceptionally high risk, and lethality.

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