PDARPG: Firefall

Posted Jan 26, 2022, 2:30:39 AM UTC

Amy-Belle and Sha watching the meteor shower during the Eventide Ring Portal in the PaperDemon Art RPG. (Oh, and I did the background myself!)

"Prompt #2 - Firefall

Once per year, the planet’s orbit intersects with a wild chain of fiery space debris left over from the thousands of doomed space ships that tried to escape the planet amidst the solar flares and cataclysmic destruction that left the planet standing still. Larger cities have magical protection from the debris, but less populated areas are subject to danger and damage from the falling chunks of metal and space rocks. Many of these remnants are charged with incredibly powerful magic left over from the cataclysm, and treasure hunters both brave and foolish scour the planet for the priceless salvage during the meteor shower. Show your character during the meteor shower. Are they watching from the safety of a city in the twilight band? Are they out hunting for magic-imbued scraps? Your piece must include your character and a meteor shower on the twilight world."

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