Pastel Sunset

Posted Feb 19, 2006, 10:46:33 PM
I did this one in school in my art class. I used oil pastels.  It is just a classic sunset. I know that it looks "textured." My aunt told me how to fix it, but I hope you enjoy the peacefulness of it. Dedicated to my Nana.

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  • Feb 20, 2006
    aww sweetie this is beautiful! You did this in art class? I am gonna have to post mine that I just finished once I get it back. I love it. Oh and mine is also in oil pastels. Smile *hugs* Your work is lovely!
  • Feb 27, 2006
    I like Heart The peacefulness comes through Yes If you're planning on doing any more palm trees I can take a few pics of them down here for you to see what they look like up close, I have one pic in my images but it has snow on it Laughing
    • Feb 27, 2006
      Omg i would love that it would be so helpful for me
      • Mar 1, 2006
        I'll take a few today and post them in my images for you my dear, just tell me once you've copyed them so I can delete them I'm truly tired of palm trees Laughing and I don't want anyone to think I love em Grin
        • Mar 2, 2006
          HeeHee It would be our little secret!!^_~ lol jk yea that would be great




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