Miriam Holliman (digital sketch)

Posted Apr 9, 2022, 7:48:49 PM UTC

Before I had gotten back to work on the fifteenth and sixteenth chapters of Miriam-chan's Delight.

I was getting back in touch with learning how to draw by hand/traditionally, it's quite a challenge since if you mess up even just a little bit, you can't just use the undo button, it doesn't exist and as someone that has been very much accustomed to digital art, well it sucks a ton that you don't got a undo button...

Anyways, doing the thing above did spark the interest in finding a realistic pencil on Clip Studio Paint, I know the program already has different types of pencils and they came in handy for the digital sketch I did of Miriam (one of my OCs), but I wanted to find a realistic pencil and that was that. lol

Now I did find a realistic pencil and did a bit of playing around as I figured why not, then I decided to do a sketch of Miriam and applied at least two things that I learned during my learning session of drawing by hand/traditionally, that was doing ears which I've always wanted to do but admittedly I found it a bit difficult to do and lips which I've already done before, but after going through Pinterest and seeing a lot of mostly retro anime/manga art, well I was like I gotta take the lips to the next level. xD

Of course I also did go for drawing Miriam's eyes a bit more shoujo-esque instead of they how usually been for a while.

Honestly I may stick to that eye design which I'll admit were inspired greatly by Yun Koga (one of my favorite mangakas) how draws eyes for her characters, my personal favorites would be Katsumi from Genji, Chihaya and Kagetsuya from Earthian.

They're all already beautiful appearance wise, but their eyes, mmmm it's just icing on the cake!~ ^w^

Yes I have a bit of a weakness for bishonen looking fellows, yes-yes-yes... *laughs*

Note: Stay tuned for the next chapters which I'll admit are going to be "interesting" xD

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