Happy Birthday, Yuriko! (belated version)

Posted Apr 18, 2022, 2:23:42 AM UTC

Definitely, I am rather late in regards to sharing the art piece as Yuriko's birthday was like 3 days ago.

But it's whichever cause, well okay I'll admit the reasons for sharing the art piece rather late was due to firstly getting back to the drawing as I started on the 14th and stopped because I still wasn't in the best of moods, then I gotten back to the drawing like on the 15th and finished it entirely on the 17th as well I went for taking a break from the usual creative projects on the 16th! *laughs*

Anyways, now with that shared(ish), I can talk about the art piece as for sure I've got a lot to talk about... *laughs again*

It was drawn for the 14th which is the day I chosen to be Yuriko's birthday, originally I was thinking about choosing the 17th as that day happens to be the chosen day for Sailor Mars' birthday, but I passed and went for the 14th for being the chosen day and that was that. *laughs again*

Now speaking of Sailor Mars as today happens to be her birthday, her along with Seong Mi-Na from the Soul Calibur series served as major inspirations for Yuriko's appearance and personality, I can surely confirm as when I was coming up with a written draft for Yuriko's character, what came to mind instantly was I wanted to do a character that was entirely new and their or really her appearance and personality would be like a fusion of two of my friend's favorite characters and kindred spirits (Rei Hino/Sailor Mars and Seong Mi-Na).


Of course when it came to coming up with Yuriko's name, I first thought about wanting a meaningful name and then I was like hmmm I could go for naming the character after two of my friend's favorite flowers (lilies & wildflowers) and went from there.

That's actually how my friend came to be one of the inspirations for Yuriko, her favorite flowers were how I was able to come up with a name as I really couldn't think of any and also her being the oldest of two siblings is how I came to the decision that Yuriko should be the older sibling in her family and kind of the older sibling to both Miriam and Kotono.

Well alright, she would be their surrogate sibling if I were to be technical... *laughs again*

And on that note, I gotta say I really am pleased with how the art piece came out, it was going to be originally Yuriko in a red outfit but I chosen a purple outfit instead. xD

It's just because I can see her with mostly purple and pink outfits so far, I know she can pull off red outfits as I did draw her as a fire sorcerer many moons ago. xD

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