Posted Apr 24, 2022, 9:56:08 PM UTC

Character Name: Terryn (also goes by Terra depending on the situation)

Character Age: 100

Gender: Non-binary

Pronouns: They/them, he/him (she/her as well in specific instances)

Character Species: Drow (though not strict on that race's lore)

Hair color: White

Eye color: Purple/blue segmental heterochromia

Terryn is a drow elf who has long since left his homeland. They now travel the world, and their experiences have opened their eyes to what the world has to offer. As such, Terryn is no longer the cruel and ruthless person they once were and has learned kindness and compassion. However they still retains their snarky attitude, but luckily they have the fighting skills to keep themselves out of trouble; especially as trouble still follows after them closely.

Luckily for them, an artifact they found recently has been a great help in opening portals for quick getaways too.

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