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Posted Apr 26, 2022, 9:42:19 AM UTC

Character Name: Bryan Dragon

Character Age: 20s

Character Species: Phauroran- Arkillian Dragon

Hair color: Two tone dark brown roots, and wheat blond ends

Eye color: Yellow

Skin colour- Olive

Facial hair- Goatee with a frame around the base of his jaw

Sexuality- Pansexual. If you have a genuinely kind heart, there is a good chance that Bryan will be fond of you to some degree :) If you're an asshole- flirters beware!

Other distinct features- Bryan has a scar from his heart, leading down to his opposite side under his rib cage, that goes right through him front to back. The scar is magical, so it can be open (so you can see through his body) or closed. The scar handycaps his Arkillian Dragon abilities so he is only as capable as a strong human, and forces him to focus his Dragon abilities to stay alive.


Back story- Born both a Prince, and a guardian to his country, Bryan is torn between two worlds of responsibility. One to his kingdom, and one to his country. Ostracised at birth from his royal blood due to his father’s lineage, Bryan kept to himself, training to be a guardian till he could fight by his fathers side… till one day, the sky shattered. Phauroraland was taken over, and war ensued as they struggled to keep the people safe till one day, the Drakobitus stabbed Bryan in the heart with Equity- a sword of balance. To save his son, his father used every ounce of his will to control the poison of the blade while healing his son, as the blade sliced through him. His father fell to the ground, leaving Bryan alive with a gash right through his chest, and his fathers. Bryan fled the scene in shame, one day being greeted but Luck, a white cat that took pity on him, and sent him back in time to prevent the war that would end his country. Now, Bryan is about to go on an unexpected adventure with a new set of powers at his arsenal.


Torn by the trials of war, loss and regret, Bryan seeks answers to why things turned out the way they did so he can heal his country once and for all. He is introspective, quiet, passionate, determined, caring Prince that hold a special void of anger for the Drakobitus and saving his country. He favours the company of the kind and heroic, and will take issues with dishonest cruel travelers.

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