Sudden Affection ~Yuri X Karasu~

Posted May 3, 2022, 11:08:15 PM UTC

Surely has been a while since I did artwork that was Yu Yu Hakusho flavored.

Last time I did something was back in 2018 and I know 2 years later I was in some kind of process with doing something again, but of course I know I left it as a WIP and haven't really gone back to it. xD

Anyways, going to the present as no time like that tbh. xD

For tomorrow which happens to be not only the birthday of Yomi's original Japanese VA (Masashi Ebara), but also the birthday of my friend Alexandria.

I decided to do artwork of her getting affection of the sweet kind from Karasu, one of member of Team Toguro and the S.O to my friend.

Not actually but imaginary as a fyi.

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