A Portrait of Myself

Posted May 9, 2022, 5:51:54 AM UTC

Before I could even get to business with doing a makeover on a particular account I made on Twitter for sharing mostly art & writing, I felt there was a need to update the profile pic, so I went ahead with spending like more than a few hours doing artwork of myself with my hair in a pretty natural state.

That was quite the challenge as to be honest, I haven't done artwork of myself with my hair in a natural state before, only I have done artwork of myself with my hair in a straighten state or a straighten state with buns and that's about it. xD

Though, I must say from doing the artwork of myself with my hair in a natural state, it has made me remember how much I liked the one style I did temporarily until it was combed out again and given extensions.

That was done to just keep my hair from tangling up as it does real easily and it helps it with growth, well so does having eggs and exercising apparently. xD

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