Posted May 9, 2022, 6:11:53 AM UTC
Character Name: Amanita
Character Age: 26
Character Species: Cat/Human Hybrid
Hair color: Pink
Eye color: Yellow
Amanita didn't always walk on two legs. Adopted by a witch as an abandoned kitten, she was taken care of graciously due to her odd pink fur coloring. They stayed by the witch's side, taking care of her mother as a familiar. Their mother, trying to discover the secrets to immortality, brewed potion after potion to try and get it right. Unfortunately, the brews never seemed to work on the witch's flora test subjects. 
One night, Amanita walked a little too close to the pot and fell into the potion. Rather than turn her immortal, the potion instead turned them into a human! Although such a transformaion shocked the witch, the witch continued to care for her new child. She taught Amanita how to walk on two legs, speak, use opposable thumbs, and all sorts of magic; specifically alchemy and enchantments. Amanita lived with her surrogate mother for several years. The witch was an old one, and she passed away before the secrets of immortality could be found. 
Left alone, Amanita decided to leave the small shack they had called home for so many years and explore the world to satisfy her curiosity and learn more about magic. She wishes to continue her mother's work and discover the secret to immortality. 
Amanita can turn into a cat at will. Her pronouns are she/her and they/them. As she lived as a cat, they do not have a human understanding of gender. 

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