Caves of Borealis Enclave (new edition)

Posted May 14, 2022, 12:31:15 AM UTC

Honestly, I actually could have done this on the 1st of August as that would mark the 2 year anniversary of the drawing I did for one of Paper Demon's ARPG challenges, but given that I wanted to do something for MerMay which starts and ends on the last day of May.


Well, screw the idea of posting the drawing later than earlier tbh. xD 

Anywaaays, the drawing which if not obvious by the title is the new edition of the drawing I did like almost 2 years ago, yeah seriously it's almost been that long and I must say it's rather amazing how in about 2 years that I've really sharpened my skills as a self taught artist, yes I am sticking with that because I really did teach myself how to draw, sure I did use all sorts of resources but it always that I was the teacher to myself and I'll leave it at that because I will. xD

Now, I gotta say doing the new edition of the drawing was much fun, only thing that was a challenge was coloring and shading the scales for Lady Emeraude's mermaid form, I thankfully didn't have to do the scales by hand, I did some hunting on CSP Assets and found scales that I could do some magic on... xD


Thank goodness because I have a feeling that doing scales by hand is a chore... xD 


Maybe it is, or maybe not...


Who knows... xD


Now I do want to just make this clear,..


Drawing above is going to be the last drawing I do of Lady Emeraude, she is going to be put into retirement because the thing is, with me no longer doing anything for Paper Demon's APRG, I figured it would be best to retire a character that really was created solely for it.

Something like that.

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