Model Project WIP

Posted Feb 27, 2006, 5:12:05 PM
I am doing this for my art class.Ihope you enjoy. It was really time consuming for me! It was fun drawing this!

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  • Feb 27, 2006
    She's quite pretty my darling. I know its a pain to do faces Laughing I think my favorite part is her hair you have the all over style going without it looking too stringy.
  • Feb 27, 2006
    Wow! That is very good! I know how hard realism can be..cause I have tried many times myself to draw 'real' people and well I am not very good >.> But this is wonderfull my new Favorite
  • Feb 28, 2006
    That's a great effort there Smile Alot of your positioning is quite acurate and well shaded :nods: Question- would you want me to give you pointers on drawing faces? There's a few things I've picked up along the way that'll help out alot Smile
    • Mar 2, 2006
      Yes i would love that it would help me in my future!!!! :glomps: heehee Thanks for your comments!@!^_^
      • Mar 3, 2006
        ... I just realised how difficult it is to explain... Um, bare with me if this doesn't make much sence- I'm terrible at explaining things ^^;
        Well, I'll start off with that link, cause that tutorial is based from the same book I learnt from which I believe is still available- Drawing the head and figure by Jack Hamm. REALLY good tutorial book. Drawn with mostly 30 + year old subjects, but you get the basics ^^;

        Other bits I'd add to it though- for your own style sake, you don't need to TOTALLY follow the rules. Things that must remain constant is the size of the face to the head, the spacing of the eyes apart, the level of the eyes, and the centering of everything in the face. If you scew the face, other things must follow suit.

        A handy thing with drawing hair, is to draw it in sections and in long strokes. Don't erase until you want highlights- what I normally do is do long strokes to make the hair darker, and use the stroke of the pencil to makes the progression of light to dark if that makes sence. Ummm example... This picture here has both a brunette and blond in and how I'd draw their hair- concentrating on the guy since it's more noticable in his hair- there is only a few strokes where the highlights are, and it pitters of quickly to black when the lines of the hair join- I do it this way cause hair isn't perfectly flat. It will aways have segmented layers that unless there is a strong light source will show shadows. For non black hair, it is a good idea to show some pencil strokes and not sribble out all the texture. The big difference with dark brown and black is black only shows the highlight- not the medium tones- like in this pic

        Having the right pencil helps ALOT- I use 9B pencils, but I like high contrast and I can't get black blacks without it. I strongly suggest a sharp pencil to sharpen areas too. A blunt picture is a blurry one. That one is a hard learnt leason.

        One last thing- learning the shapes on the face help alot too, cause photos wont always bring up some of the shadows, or you may get one wrong. I say this mostly cause of the dark area under her eyes- I'm assuming she is lit below her face- this woul make the top of her head darker(except the hair line), top of the forehead, sides of her neck etc... There is usually a few hiden shadows which when done make it look authentic like shallow dimples, cheek lines and stuff.

        Uhhhh- hope this make some sence... Give me a buzz if you don't understand or have other questions- I should be able to hel p ^^
  • Mar 4, 2006
    OMG I sware hun you are getting sooo much better! I can see it your shading is getting waaay better! I love it! I am so proud of you! I am sorry it took me so long to leave a review! I love it nice work sweetie! *hugs*




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