Android Lady

Posted Mar 4, 2006, 5:49:12 PM
This was made for a little Illustrator tutorial I was working on. I decided to go ahead and add some soft shading in photoshop. :\

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  • Mar 4, 2006
    Cool! I love the colors! Grin for me illustrator is so hard to work with Mad. But you've done a good job here.
    • Mar 11, 2006
      Illustrator is hard for a lot of people, I'm not sure why but they usually have an easier time with Macromedia Freehand.

      Kind of sad Adobe bought them out. No more Freehand. Sad Oh well.
      • Mar 11, 2006
        I think because since it's vector based people get intimidated ( including me Embarrassed ) but my brother works with it all the time and he says it's really not that hard to understand.
        • Mar 11, 2006
          It isn't; it's actually easier because it's so much more easy to go back and edit things without subtracting from the picture like a raster program. The resize quality is almost flawless, too (with maybe some adjustment to the points)
          • Mar 11, 2006
            I'll have to practice with it more to get the hang of it