Raiders of the Solar Winds - The Convoys

Posted Jun 13, 2022, 9:31:54 PM UTC

Prompt #2 - The Convoys

Alongside the brave beings of the shipping vessels, your character will fend off and outfly the scalliwags of the void. The massive cargo cruisers are slow and difficult to maneuver, but they often employ swift guardian ships to protect them. Does your character pilot a ship in the convoy? Have they been hired as part of the on-ship guardian crew to repel boarders? Is your character a trader or cargo worker who was simply caught in the wrong place at the wrong time? Draw or write your character as part of one of the convoys. Your piece must include your character and either space ships, freighter cargo or treasure, or an encounter with pirates.



Sine I've already made a picture of my other character as a pirate, Sirokko gets to be a convoy. Sorry, Sirokko, you'll get to be a pirate next time!

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