Darcela the DRAGon Queen

Posted Jun 19, 2022, 7:13:02 AM UTC

His real name is Daxter, but he goes by his stage name Darcela. He's the only male dragon that likes to dress up and perform for the royal family and his best friend, Princess Adela. He only eats plant-based foods, and his favorite drinks are smoothies and boba tea. When he was younger, he notices that he was a lot more different than any of the other male dragons. He was never into invading villages and terrorizing humans. He prefers playing dress-up and wearing make-up. He breathes rainbow fire and roar songs of hopes and dreams. His family is very supportive, his father is a vegetarian that makes his meals for him. His mother makes all of his clothes and wigs, and his little sister helps him with is make-up and does duets with him. They are under the protection of the Royal family against the tyrannical Dragon Lord, Korbash, who has been hunting them down for going against the traditional ways of the Dragon.

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