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Posted Jun 23, 2022, 1:54:20 AM UTC



My new (pending tansfer) stryx, Moxie! She goes by she/her and they/them pronouns despite being born male. She's snarky, confident, and smart, but has a hard time detecting others' feelings and knowing when to step down or back off of a situation. This leads to a sort of rivalry between her and Jade.

Moxie was once a traveler, one who went by a merchant alias, Lunar. She and her rider would travel the continent, sometimes overseas, to peddle wares and transport goods together. Once that rider passed away of a disease, Lunar was left alone with the companions her rider had in his possession; a snipmoth and a bat. Lunar took them under her wing as she searched for a new home, somewhere to settle down and relax. It was much harder than she'd care to admit.

Because Moxie was biologically male but preferred gender-neutral or female pronouns, quite a few ignorant individuals would spread the word of someone unusual in their town or city, and the word usually spread like wildfire. She often felt unsafe in these places because once the word was out, many chose to be hostile towards her, although there were a few who welcomed her and tried to help. She and her companions never usually stayed in one place too long.

Moxie eventually settled at Sanctuary, a place populated purely by stryx and usually one handler, after having her snipmoth companion poached from her while resting in a big city. Sanctuary was wary of her at first, as it usually was with all its newcomers, but many eventually warmed up to her. All but Jade, who just felt...off about Moxie. The two developed a rivalry, not one that was super bitter, but just competitive and a little salty by nature. Soon enough, though, even Jade started to get used to Moxie and her affinity for Jade's rider, Neo. While still a bit jealous, Jade learned to accept Moxie's presence and how much of an asset she was to Sanctuary with her help. Their dynamic soon became a friendly rivalry rather than a competitive and vigorous one.







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