D'Avignon and Muck: Tribute to Noct

Posted Jul 25, 2022, 4:54:27 AM UTC

Second EoG image for OddOwl! Featuring their D'Avignon and my Muck. Witness is Muck's rider, Judas.


To fit the prompt, they're doing a sort of flight dance.


The earliest forms of tributes to Nokt have always consisted in artful shows of skills and technique. An attempt to delight the goddess with the culmination of all the efforts needed to perfect such displays and make something truly beautiful. Under Her pale, it is time to show the goddess something worthy of her blessing.

Requirements: Depict your stryx showing off. Could be a dance, acrobatics, courtship display of fancy feathers, displaying their awesome horde of shinies, or other actions meant to impress.

Time of Day: Night

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Muck Dracostryx 🧑🏽 #ds5594
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D'Avignon Dracostryx 🧑🏽 #ds12414
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