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Character Name: Artumis Loraine

Character Age: adult (26 earth years)

Character Species: Human

Hair color: Chestnut Brown

Eye color: Grey Green

Relatives: Ikarashu Loraine (older brother), Amateiru Loraine (mother)

Details: Artumis is very close with her family and is much more likely to trust them than average joe strangers. 

Artumis' home is mountainous, covered in pine forests, and very cold at night and during the winter. 

Artumis, having grown up on a world without magic and populated entirely by humans (our modern Earth), is naturally inclined to be deeply cautious and untrusting of anything supernatural and will often react with swift intense violence if anything supernatural acts with hostility towards her and her loved ones.  When going up against supernatural opponents Artumis will studiously research the target's lore for its strengths and vulnerabilities and adjust her equipment and tactics accordingly but is still fond of falling back on her hunting shotgun.

Artumis is fond of learning a great many things and can site some of the most random things off the top of her head, struggles with non-mythology based human history as she finds it BOOORRIIING, likes to cook and experiment with cooking.

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