Bad Times

Posted Sep 21, 2022, 3:07:41 AM UTC

Character Name: Bad Times

Character Age: chronologically, 15. Uncertain how large a percentage of his natural lifespan this will be.

Character Species: feline gremlin, although... he's not so much a member of a species as a human in a cursed/magic-warped shape.

Hair color: blue-black fur

Eye color: yellow

My character thought he had a good relationship with his family, until he was rejected by them after getting magicked as a child. This is a large part of why he doesn't like to use his birth name. Occupationally he prefers rogue/thief, but he also has had... a complex financial relationship with the Monster-lord of Lis.

This drawing of him is kind of rough, but at least it's a start to get him on the map, yeah?

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