Demon Lady

Posted Sep 22, 2022, 5:13:25 PM UTC


Angel / Demon oc art challenge Rules:
if you were born on these months you're a demon: January February June July August November

If you were born on these months you're an angel: March April May September October December

if you're nails (toes or fingers) are painted you have wings

If you have glasses you have more than two eyes

if you have piercings you have horns/halo

the outfit is the color of your shirt

long hair if you have socks on

short hair if you don't

if you have a dog your oc is good

if you have a cat your oc is evil

if you have a different pet your oc is neutral


blue - Long range weapon

green - short range

brown/hazel - melee weapon

other - magic

if you have two different eye colors you can have both weapons


Reference Photo:


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