Posted Mar 17, 2006, 11:21:10 AM

Being in South Africa, the springbok is a popular deer and this was commissioned by one of my bosses.

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  • Mar 17, 2006
    Are you sure you are ready for a roasting? Hehehe.

    I think the color in this is really superb. It has a great quality and expressiveness to it. Especially in the sky. I also like the quality of the lineart.

    However, the pose of the deer seems akward and not very graceful. But I still think the piece is great.
    • Mar 20, 2006
      Thanks, BogusRed. Actually the deer is not posing. It's a springbok, native only to South Africa and it is famous for it's high jumps. "Springbok" is actually Afrikaans for "Jump deer". It is in mid-air in this painting.

      All the best Smile
      • Mar 20, 2006
        Well I didn't mean he was "posing" I just meant his position in the air was akward. I knew you were trying to obtain a jumping pose and the pose to me could be stronger.
  • Mar 17, 2006
    Truly Excellent, man.
    • Mar 19, 2006
      Thanks for the critique Halo Modder.

  • Mar 18, 2006
    the background is INCREDIBLE. Awesome job there... really, i love this. But the deer...i dont know, he clashes with the background. I would have seen a grazing deer or maybe the deer staring right at us, as if he heard us... But the background, ahhh man, great!
  • Jul 4, 2006
    i like the colors of the background alot
    • Jul 4, 2006
      Thanks a lot dremanontoppp!
      • Jul 6, 2006
        you welcome!!!!

        checkout my section sometime

        i will be posting some nature pics
        • Jul 6, 2006
          I'll be keeping my eyes open! Cheers!
  • Aug 2, 2007
    Lovely work. You've really captured the springbok in mid-leap. I especially love the warm tones.

    Is this watercolor? Are you using a hot-press or hard paper...bristolboard maybe? I love the technique.
    • Aug 3, 2007
      Hi Merimask. This is a watercolor with just a little pen. I did it on light watercolor paper, first doing a background wash. I then waited for it to dry and used a very rough dry-brush technique for the grass. I outlined the springbok in black Biro so he would stand out against the background.
  • Sep 7, 2007
    Beautiful lil springbok! I like the warm color palette you used. It's very much in keeping with what I remember Africa being like. Although, I would have made the sky blue rather than gold like you did. To me it looks too much like the savanna was on fire. Still, he's beautiful and if your boss liked it, that's great!
    • Sep 10, 2007
      Thanks for the comments. Factually, there is no sky in the background. It's all supposed to be dry grass. I'm not very good at backgrounds I'm afraid.
      • Sep 10, 2007
        *nods* I'm not all that great at backgrounds either. I'm wondering if you had made it look a bit more like grass it would have looked like it, then again I'm seeing online and not the original, so I don't know how detailed it was that never came through when you scanned it.
  • May 25, 2008
    very cute! ^^ springbocks are the looove @____@

    hehe love the watercolor-ish bacoground, the only thing is... the hind hoofs could use some work but it's overall a great piece ^^
  • Oct 30, 2009
    This is soooo beautiful and graceful, the colors are so warm too ^^ you did an amazing job here Heart
  • Mar 18, 2010
    I love the colour choices and the way you did the grass, it has a lot of depth and texture. I also like how your style is very clean and clear
    • Mar 19, 2010
      Thanks so much Sleyf. Thumbs Up
      • Mar 21, 2010
        You're very welcome




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