Wisteria Gingko

Posted Sep 23, 2022, 6:06:09 AM UTC

Character Name: Wisteria Gingko 

Character Age: 20s

Character Species: Dryad

Hair color: lavender/green

Eye color: lavender

Skin color: pale green; almost mint green

Pronouns: he/they


Wisteria is a young dryad in the Autumn court; he was adopted as a sapling into a family of much longer-lived gingko trees, but grew up well-loved, if somewhat isolated from the outside world, by a pair of protective parents. Their helicopter tendencies didn't allow him much freedom outside of the court, however, and eventually his enforced restraint gave way to a strong curiosity about what laid beyond. Wisteria began sneaking out of the safety of the court; at first, only a short distance, and eventually further and finding himself in more and more trouble. 

Although he is more than a bit naive, Wisteria has a quick wit and a perhaps surprisingly strong interest in mischief and mayhem. He usually has good intentions... but a fae is a fae, and good intent does little when one's been raised in relative isolation and doesn't quite understand the intricacies of social interaction. Wisteria is quick to correct themselves when they realize they need correcting, but he also tends to be a bit oblivious about those around him and is constantly trying to project a confidence in what he's doing even when he really doesn't. 

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