contemplating suicide

Posted Mar 18, 2006, 3:34:02 PM
Heh ^^;...*rubs arm nervously*

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  • Mar 18, 2006
    Awww poor Vegeta and why did you rubbing your arms like not going to say what am thinking you've done
    • Mar 18, 2006
      No no I havent done nething I promise. I used to cut myself about a year ago but I finally stopped doing it. Whenever I feel the urge I draw pictures like these instead. ^^;
      • Mar 19, 2006
        Well thats good i think of doing it to my self but i use my own lil dream world to stop me
  • Mar 18, 2006
    The drawing is really strong...but i just have to say, I dont like the way his hand is placed, he look as if he's about to pierce his eyes...i think his hands should be more open. I hope i'm making sense?! But this is really a powerfull piece, lots of pain and emotion. Great rendition of feelings here, great.
  • Mar 18, 2006
    Great facial expression! It really shows his pain and suffer!
  • Mar 20, 2006
    This pic is very well done. Excellent work on the muscles and position. Still, I agree with Lili, he does look like he's gonna poke his eyes out. Unless that was the intention? Ponder Anyway, other than that wonderful pic. Very moving.
    • Mar 20, 2006
      Thank you so much!!!

      Yeah it does look that way. Lets not and say he did XDDD