Istra - Allignment Flip AU

Posted Oct 24, 2022, 4:41:11 AM UTC

Name: Lady Istra Ruslethe

Age: 25

Species: Half-elf 

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Blue


The Chief Enforcer of Lord Ruslethe of Lis was recruited when still a child, they say. His Lordship saw her potential when she manifested Sky-elemental magic in the marketplace.


Some find it odd that a loyal worshiper of Holtrunn, the Power of Order, would be so loyally followed by a champion of Aranethae, Giver of Choice. But in the unlikely scenario you should get the chance to ask, you would hear Istra's smile in her voice behind her sacred mask.


"Darkness is also a choice," she would say.


And indeed darkness often attends her - strands of the same dark shadow that cloaks His Lordship appear when she goes hunting. Some whisper that they cannot tell if she summons it, or it puppets her….

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