Posted Nov 9, 2022, 4:02:17 AM UTC

Character Name: Amateiru Loraine

Character Age: adult (67 earth years)

Character Species: Human

Hair color: silver

Eye color: Grey

Relatives: Ikarashu Loraine (son), Artumis Loraine (daughter)

Details: Amateiru is very close with her children and is more likely to trust them than average joe strangers. She is otherwise neutral towards the average person unless they proved to be phenominally ignorant, closed minded, or jerkish in general.

Amateiru's home is located in a pine forest covered mountain range, within reasonable travel distance of the nearby town but located such that it feels remote. It is cold at night and especially during the winter here.

Amateiru grew up on a world without magic and populated entirely by humans (our modern Earth), and is generally wary of the supernatural but is more willing to be accepting if the supernatural elements or beings in question prove that they are not hostile. However, if anything shows hostility towards her and/or her children Amateiru will no hesitate to protect both with alarming might and wit.

Amateiru's fields of expertise lean towards anything pertaining to medicine and crop gardening, prefering modern, well sourced, and well tested results meaning Amateiru's knowledge bank is ever evolving and pertaining mostly to practical and helpful things while her knowledge of "mythical" things is more limited and, when pertaining to "unnatural" creatures, restrictive. (i.e. Human Earth's religeons and cultural "bad guy" monsters are always evil and a "good" version of said monsters is an inherent contradiction unless there is a logical reason)

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  • Nov 9, 2022, 5:57:26 PM UTC
    aw i love her! there aren't too many elderly characters yet, so its really cool to see!:3
    and it'll be interesting to see how she'd react to the Paperverse then Bounce





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