Daius Prompt: Guardian

Posted Nov 19, 2022, 6:47:22 PM UTC

Daius Prompt: Guardian

Daius’ flame can blind and burn, yes, but his followers know that above all, it is meant to nurture and protect. Nothing is more worthy in the eye of Daius than the strong lending their strength to the weak. To honor the sun god, one has to demonstrate their ability to care for other and protect them from harm. Show to the god how you too, can help others find safety and grow under your nurturing wings.


Darudette: https://www.paperdemon.com/app/g/dracostryx/character/7058
Sunny: https://www.paperdemon.com/app/g/dracostryx/character/8189
Mondo: https://www.paperdemon.com/app/g/dracostryx/character/8403

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