Shelara Lama’narian

Posted Jan 17, 2023, 1:53:14 AM UTC

Character Name: Shelara Lama’narian
Character Age: 86
Character Species: Elf
Hair color: Chestnut brown
Eye color: Green

  Shelara grew up upper middle class, in a mid-sized elven tree town, located in the forests near the base of the mountains. Her shorter stature and more rounded features, as well as her insatiable curiosity about history and the world around her earned her much ridicule from the elven community as a whole, and of course most of her age bracket was the worst about it. As a result, she was for a long time, uncertain she’s even entirely (if at all) elven.

  Then she met Mek’kalta, a traveling elf with similar features and mannerisms. He began to teach her skills that would serve her in the outside world - from using a sword (previously she’d only trained on the bows used by her clan) to picking a lock (“the better to leave a human settlement if necessary,” he said).

  A year after he moved on, she found her feet taking her further afield with every walk. So now, a young adult, she took a good sized pouch of gold and her bow, and left to find him. She’s found she rather likes traveling. Although she sometimes misses the faces of her family, her curiosity finally has an outlet. 

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