Posted Jan 17, 2023, 12:19:56 PM UTC

Biography: Ghost-eye is the leader of his tribe, ripped away by forces unknown. Without him there, the dead cannot find their way to the other side. He seeks to traverse the world and make his way back to his people. His duty to the self and justice are skewed specifically only to do things that would obviously directly benefit him. Old lady gets her purse stolen? He's more liable to defeat the Robber and take the contents of the purse, but he wouldn't steal directly from the old lady. His fourty years alive have given him a widened perspective on the world, things that are in it, and things that are best avoided with strangers, bandits, vagabonds, etcetera. He's joined by two spirits whom follow him and refuse to cross over. Half-out of stubbornness and half- out of loyalty, seeing as they served him in life and lived great lives, they too in death seek to serve. 

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