Elliot Myreson Reference

Posted Jan 21, 2023, 9:30:25 PM UTC

Character Name: Elliot Myreson

How old is your character? 34

What species is your character? Ram 

What is your character's hair color? White 

What is your character's eye color? Green




Elliot Myreson (preferring the name "Myre" amongst his companions and friends) was the previous owner and barkeep of "Dreams Crossroad" - a small, semi comfortable inn on... well, a crossroads! Despite his rather tired nature, Elliot is an optimistic but quiet individual, brimming with a sense of curiosity and imagination. He's keen to travel and to see the world at large, preferring to see something with his own eyes rather than have it described to him - but as once an innkeep, he's learnt the painful lesson of learning to listen to his cliental and as such comes packed with a bundle of stories of places and people who hopes to see for himself. 

Unfortunately for Myre and his family, the names a bit ironic in the sense that they're all cursed with insomnia. Myre doesn't sleep for more than 2-3 hours on most nights, and very rarely dreams when he does so - but oddly, most people who stay at the inn would find themselves sleeping easier, and finding dreams more common. Not enough to seem unnatural to the casual observer, but a notable trend overtime. The reason for this connection is truly unknown, with some members of the family believing that they have ancestors who herald from some distant realm tied more heavily to the state of sleep, where as others believe the crossroads themselves were once the home of an unstable portal to such a place. Regardless of what the reason may be, however, the family has been changed irrovocably, twisting their magic into an almost ethreal nature. 

Regardless of the reason, his near permenant state of exhaustion has made it so that the innkeeper life is all Myre has ever known, but whilst he dreams rarely.. he dreams vividly when he does so. Between these dreams and the stories of wonderous new worlds beyond portals, Myre has found himself desperate to see it all for himself, and with customers to the Dreams Crossroad becoming less and less of a reliable source of income, he's decided now is the time to pack it up and pack it in, and to set out to see the world for himself. 

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  • Jan 22, 2023, 12:49:00 PM UTC
    *POINTS* THERE'S MY BOY!!!!!!!!!! Big fan of his tweaked design :3c Bless him and his poor insomnia. i can fix u.......
  • Jan 22, 2023, 2:23:31 AM UTC
    Myre has such a cool design and backstory! Dream Crossroads... sounds like a mysterious, magical place :o

    I imagine his wanderlust is well-fueled by the tales people tell him when they stay at his inn. Looking forward to seeing him exploring the Paperverse ^v^





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