Sir Marte in the Woven City of Marilanda

Posted Jan 26, 2023, 5:16:33 AM UTC

Sir Marte has ventured into the portal upon an impressive and brilliant sight-a city made of trees, connected together by bridges of branch and vine. He currently is standing by a massive window, looking out upon the other massive tree-structures that make up the city.

On the bridge as well are a pair of planty guards, comunicating with each other telepathically. 

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  • Jan 26, 2023, 2:33:37 PM UTC
    Yo, thats awesome! Sir Marte looks so small compared to this huge, sprawling city! And the plant people have very cute designs c:
    • Jan 26, 2023, 5:16:21 PM UTC
      Thank you! I had a lot of fun making this, especially since I usually don't do works on this scale. My main goal was to convey just how small Sir Marte is compared to some of the structures he is exploring, showing how despite all his self-aggrandization he is ultimately quite small compared to these massive places he's visiting.





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