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Character Age


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Hair Colour

Fur is brownish grey/black with green "hair".

Eye Colour



Brief Biography

Brook is not one to talk about their past a lot but they will allude to having worked with some people they regret working with. While that may have been a good while ago now they still do hold the weight of the past on their shoulders a decent amount. It can be assumed their distrust and coldness to people has to do with their negative past experiences. 

Occassionally Brook can be found muttering about betrayal and the like in their sleep, often grumbling about how it's "just dreams" and that there's nothing more behind it. Whether or not it has connections to what they've experienced with people is up for debate as they refuse to confirm or deny it. 

If you are able to break the ice with them you will find yourself with someone oddly loyal and dedicated despite their aloof and careless attitude towards most. They tend to also be very quietly affectionate with people they've finally allowed themself to feel comfortable and safe with.

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