Slushy Plushy

Posted Mar 15, 2023, 3:13:20 PM UTC

Oromykah squinted at the snowy field. He lifted up his mask slightly to rub his eyes, then pulled it back in place and squinted again. “What are they doing?”

“A bold assumption to make, that they were doing anything in the first place.” The green water master dragon stroked his whiskers. “They have not moved in the last five minutes.”

The klyptai scholar tucked his arms into his deep sleeves. “I know Paliskobengar. He typically has no issue with following instructions. . . granted, all the snow is probably screwing with his senses.”

Li’Zunn nodded. “I have met the noble deer, Bucky. He has a latent water element, like myself. The snowscape should provide him plenty to work with.” The wind picked up, bringing a swirling flurry of flakes past the observation ledge. “Though I sensed a reluctance in him when the objective was announced.”

“Yeah. He doesn’t seem the kind to destroy plushies,” Oromykah remarked. 

He had watched the deer put together an impressive snow-fort to house the stuffed dragon, unicorn, and gryphon entrusted to him. The fort was nothing fancy or extravagant, but constructed carefully and thoughtfully.

Paiko, meanwhile, had located and uncovered the only rock that apparently existed in the area, plopped his patchwork crew on top, and wrapped them up in his cloak. He had only enough material to add an overhanging ledge, so he did. And that was all. 

Something white flew from Bucky's side over to Paiko, who jumped to intercept it. The snowball ended up hitting the drakon in the face. Paiko yelped in surprise; Bucky shouted an apology. The snowballs continued to fall short of Paiko's rock, but Bucky didn't move any closer, and Paiko made no moves on the offensive.

“I wonder how they plan to attack each other from such a distance. This will be an interesting round.” Li’Zunn chuckled.

“I don’t think they’re planning on attacking each other,” Oromykah corrected, rolling up his sleeves. “And if they don’t do anything in the next two minutes, it’s about time I gave them some incentive. . .”


This is not my OCL entry for Round 2! I have picked up a habit of drawing companion images to my stories... at least I did the writing before the art this time, though ^-^"

I originally wanted to include this scene in the writing piece, but it didn't leave me enough room to develop the actual action. So here it is, a little prequel to False Fractals, the actual entry.

Edit: Forgot to add these in! Paiko's plushies from left to right:

Zekey, the bone turtle;
Desi, the butterfly;
and Broccoli Bob.

Bucky (the deer) and Li'Zunn (the dragon water master scholar) belong to Buckydeer13! I had a lot of fun writing them :D

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  • Mar 31, 2023, 8:47:58 PM UTC
    Awww this is so cute the little plushes Heart I need to read your OCLs qwq
    • Apr 7, 2023, 3:56:03 AM UTC
      Aah thank you ^-^

      Round 3 will be coming soon to a writing forum near you!
      • Apr 9, 2023, 9:27:39 AM UTC
        hyped for it (now just finding time to sit and read them all will be the problem XD)
  • Mar 15, 2023, 11:13:07 PM UTC
    (This is super cute, as ever! Nice to see the respective Academics involved in the piece too!)
    • Mar 21, 2023, 1:43:00 AM UTC
      Thanks Dregan! ^v^

      Meanwhile, Oromykah shouting, "Stop apologizing to each other! This is a BATTLE. Not a PLAYDATE."



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